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Name: R.A.S

Age: 21 Y/O

Country: Costa Rica, Shenkuu.

Neopian Adress: 78060 Prampet Boulevard, Shenkuu

Fan of:
(Favorite land and Yooyuball Team: Shenkuu as you can read in the title)
Mysterious Obelisk team: The Seekers
Avatar: The Legend of Aang and Korra
How I met your mother
Harry Potter BOOKS
Inheritance Cycle
Adventure Time
Regular Show
Phineas and Ferb
Saint Seiya
Dave the Barbarian
Sponge Bob
Kung Fu Panda
Sailor Moon
Sakura Card Captors
Courage the cowardly dog
31 Minutos
Julio Verne
JRR Tolkien
Dragon Ball
CS Lewis
Shadow Hunters
The Hunger Games
Ranma 1/2
Gravity Falls
Arthur Conan Doyle
Golden Sun
Claw (The video Game)
1st Prince of Persia Game
Danny Phantom
Kim Possible

It’s getting late…


(Playing some Neopets games n__n )

*Yaawn* …

Good night~~

Now, can someone turn off the computer and carry me to the bed please? -___-

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NeoQuest: The Locked Door


No, it’s not a super awesome NeoQuest sequel. [Thanks to rasninja for suggesting a writeup!]
Ah, NeoQuest. A long, epic game that can take months to complete. Having existed on the site for years, it’s been pretty thoroughly turned inside-out, all of its various secrets found, dozens of walkthroughs and maps created, and there’s really nothing left interesting about it anymore.
Except the Locked Door.

[Image cropped from the In-Depth NeoQuest Guide’s maps]

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worth it
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When I try to get on neo at school…


"It’s not a game; it’s a lifestyle!"

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When I was born Pluto was already a planet.

Everyone who stuck with Pluto damnit (via plutokiid)