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Name: R.A.S
Age: 19 Y/O
Country: Costa Rica, Shenkuu.
Neopian Adress: 78060 Prampet Boulevard, Shenkuu

SasuSaku <3


I can not wait, I want to know what happens next with SasuSaku. *-*


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O teachers…how I pity thee.
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FireRed and LeafGreen included this piece of dialogue that was only activated if the game detected it wasnt being played on a Game Boy; several ROM dumpers have verified this text is in the original game files and was not inserted by a third party
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I think he found a shiny. Follow for more Pokemon!

colors like that in crustaceans, especially lobsters, can fetch for thousands of dollars more than normal ones of the same species. For lobsters it’s a one in 2 million chance for a blue one.